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From products to pastures, we're overflowing with vibrant life! At FarmHouse Fresh, our hydroponics are in constant rotation, and our local farmers are working on the next big crop. Cutting, harvesting, and extracting within minutes is our specialty - all to ensure vitamins are at their peak. Each product is crafted around delicious food and drinks, using up to 99.6% natural and naturally derived ingredients, and chock full of fruits, vegetables, milks, and more from U.S. farms, including our own. Exfoliate yourself smooth with a Watermelon-Basil Vodkatini body polish made with Square One brand organic vodka. Or chill out with a creamy, cooling avocado butter mask with California grown and expelled Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If it's harvested, snipped, stirred, or baked, we're inspired to bring it to life through skincare. We are PASSIONATE about creating products that a wide variety of customers will fall in love with -- whether you're seeking gluten free, vegan, highly natural, certified organic, fragrance-free or fragrance fantastic, we have something for nearly everyone on your gift giving list!